structures for our sustainable planet


We are constantly looking to expand our range of solutions. Lightweight Works does not, however, restrict ourselves to this list of products, but rather offers highly engineered and aesthetic solutions to your outdoor space. Our current product range is a reflection of our mission to take the everyday shade object and enhance it to a new level of quality, functionality, and form.

Our products are not standardized, and are made with customization in mind. Designed for your business specifically, we always consider space, purpose, weather, and aesthetics. Explore our range of products and find the familiar, but better.




Our current products are truly tried and tested. They have gone through months of research and development in order to deliver a product to you that is the perfect balance between function and form, all while dealing with the challenging tropical monsoon conditions. Throughout development, our mission stays the same: functional, hardworking products, beautifully made for our sustainable future.

We are faced with many questions throughout the R&D process. How can our products effectively deal with monsoon rains and keep people dry? How will our products fare against severe wind loads that are frequently brought on by typhoons? How can we adapt our products to fit into Hong Kong’s market, climate, and building regulations?

Our answer is to design, develop, prototype & test unique solutions. Attention to detail, understanding production & process delivers a quality product to the market that performs within the local conditions.

LIGHTWEIGHT WORKS has been doing this for over 10 years, since 2006. With over 25-years of experience, our team knows the game like no other. We spare no detail, and are committed to bring you a product that will satisfy all of your business needs.

Functional & reliable products, beautifully made for our sustainable future.